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An API Platform for SMS, Voice, OTP Verifications, SMS/Voice Alerts and Notifications.

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Communication Over API


REST APIs to send and receive SMS in every country.


REST APIs to make and receive voice calls in every country.


REST APIs to verify your phone over sms and call.


Call-Tracking will helps enterprise to distribute and track calls.


Thousands of web applications some of them...


Send OTP for authentication using our smart Verifications APIs. Use otp for the Two Factor Authentication and banking transactions.


Your monitoring system has alerts for critical condition for your system. Use our REST APIs to initiate SMS or voice call for an alert.


Send notifications over the sms and voice to your valuable customers. Notifications help customer to come back on your platform again.


Click 2 Call helps companies to get in touch with customers instantly. This functionality can be integrated with website, Help desk and CRM.

Make Call

MakeCall lets you automate personalize messages to your customers. This can be of reminders, updates, confirmation, payment status, etc.

Call Masking

Call masking feature let's your customer to connect with your support executive without revealing your customer's personal identity ie. phone number.

SMS Broadcast

You can send bulk SMS from Tiniyo Web Platform Dashboard. Send marketing sms all over the world using one mouse click.

Voice Call Broadcast

Play predefined marketing text using speak feature or play mp3 files to multiple phone numbers across the world.


Pay as you go.

Voice Call (Outbound)

SMS - Text Message (Outbound)

Developer Plan

  • $ 1 Free Credit on SIGNUP
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  • 1 Request per 5 minutes
  • Credit card not required
  • 24/7 Support System

Value Plan

  • Credit $ 20 to Upgrade
  • 60 Minutes max call duration
  • 2 Requests per second
  • Access to Prepaid services
  • 24/7 Support System

Enterprise Plan

  • Credit $ 100 to Upgrade
  • 1440 Minutes max call duration
  • 10 Requests per Second
  • Access to Postpaid services
  • 24/7 Support System

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