Phone Number Masking for Privacy

Number Masking allows to connect customers with agents, delivery personnel and cab drivers without revealing personal phone numbers.

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Protect your customer's phone number from agents.

Phone Number Masking are used to hide participant phone numbers in a multiple parties conversation. In number masking, user will call using third party communication api's that allow them to override their actual phone-number with virtual phone number.

Use-Cases for Businesses

Many businesses are using number masking to protect their customer privacy. Below are few use-cases where masked phone number is being used:

  • 1. Online Food Delivery
  • 2. Online Cab Service
  • 3. E-Commerce delivery
  • 4. Online Dating Applications

Tiniyo's Solution for Number Masking

There are multiple companies who have built Masked Numbers Use case on Tiniyo and there are multiple strategies that one could use to optimise the number of phone-numbers to use and for association ( permanent or temporary ) of phone numbers to a customer-vendor relation.

  • Number Masking using Rest API

# Customer Masking-Number Vendor
If Customer A, wants to dial to Vendor E then you can mask their conversation with +xxx.

curl -X POST \
                "" \
                -u "AUTH_ID:AUTH_TOKEN"  \
                -H "Content-Type: application/json"  \
                -d  '{
                      "to": "+E",
                      "from": "+xxx",
                      "answer_method": "GET",
                      "answer_url": ""

Your answer_url should return response like this:

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
      <Dial callerId="+xxx">

Want to learn more about number masking? Talk to Sales , and we'll be happy to talk you through how anonymous calling can help your businesses.

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